Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Vidmate V 5

Vidmate is a very popular video downloading app and is used by millions of people. The user cannot find Vidmate on play store and the user has to download it independent of play store. The user first need to search it on the net in in the browser and is able to download it only when the user find it in the search results. Since the launch of Vidmate many versions of this software has been released by its makers. Each version of Vidmate a has a separate features and with every new version the makers of Vidmate have ensured that better Vidmate is brought and people.

CNET Vidmate V 5 is the improved version of Vidmate. More advanced features are added in this version of Vidmate. The user can experience improved multi windows browsing and can now bookmark the downloads. The user can manage the media playlist with the new improved media player. Changes relating to themes has also been made. Now the user can select one of two themes. The makers of Vidmate are trying to provide better downloading experience to the user and this is the reason that new features are being included in Vidmate.

Downloading videos using Vidmate is very easy. In order to download videos by using Vidmate the user simply need to copy and paste the link of the videos that the user want to download and once the user has completed the first step the user has to hit the download button. Once the download is complete the app will notify the user and the user can find the downloaded video in the downloads section of the app. The user can download this app in smart phone as well as in PC. The user cannot download this app directly in PC and for downloading this app in PC the user need to first install BlueStacks in thePC.

Since Vidmate is very popular among people it is equally downloaded on smartphones and PC. the downloading speed of Vidmate is very good and it's because of this reason that it is popular among people. Together with the downloading speed the app do not make any compromise on the quality of video and provide the user with different kind of video and audio formats.

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